Steel Framed Buildings are Ideal Loading Bearing Structures. They are perfect for high bay warehousing, manufacturing, installations requiring cranes and heavy machinery installations.  They are also easily adaptable for additional features such as mezzanine floors.

Steel framed buildings are perfect for:-

  • Warehousing and Manufacturing Space
  • Crane installations
  • Mezzanine floor installations
  • Pallet Racking
  • Loading Bay Space
  • Pick and Pack Operations
  • Large single spans 20 to 25m
  • Yard sheds
  • Machinery stores and garaging

Accessories include:-

  • Roof lights for natural lighting
  • A range of door systems for access and egress
  • Insulation thicknesses
  • Atmosphere or workspace dividers
  • Partitioning
  • Loading Bay Systems

Our technical support is second to none.  You are allocated a field engineer from the outset to take your brief and establish a field design for your steel-framed building.  This takes you through planning, building control, erection and installation of the shell.  This is then fitted out as you desire.  We have full civil engineering support, comply with all site safety regulations and CDM procedures from the design phase onwards.

We also do retractable buildings and temporary buildings for long term use.

General Project Timescales

Timings to Arrival on Site
Manufacturing Time and Pre-Planning 4 to 8 weeks
Design Time 2 to 3 weeks
Planning Applications Up to 8 weeks
Time on Site to Erect Approx. 2 weeks
Groundworks 6 to 8 weeks
 Fast Track Options Yes
 Project Management Options Yes
Single Source for Mezzanine, Cranes, Conveyors, Storage Systems, Intra-logistics Systems and Materials Handling, Storage and Distribution Equipment Yes – It’s a Speciality of Ours
 Pre-Project Schematics  Yes
 Trades and Fit Out Options Yes
steel framed building

7 ways we can help you with:-

  • Free advice on planning and construction
  • Preliminary drawings for sizing and suitability
  • Site survey to discuss possibilities
  • Internal layouts and equipment positioning
  • Pricing for feasibility
  • Design drawings and initial surveys
  • Pre-planning surveys

For further help please provide us with your contact details and tell us a bit about your project or alternatively contact us on the number below and speak to one of our engineers.

T: 0333 005 0323


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    Pictures from some of our projects.