Steel Framed Retractable Industrial Storage Tents

These structures are one of the miracles of modern engineering. They apply next to no ground loadings and require minimal civil engineering.  They also provide instant undercover space, especially in yard areas which would otherwise be impractical to develop, for example, quarry locations and gravel pits. Their ability to retract releases production space, vehicular loading areas and undercover preparation areas for a fraction of the cost of traditional steel-framed building prices.  Here are some applications to inspire you:-

  • Outdoor welding bays
  • Plant and machinery covers for pumping stations
  • Home delivery marshalling areas for click and collect
  • Home delivery marshalling stations for deliveries direct from the supermarket
  • External warehousing
  • External manufacturing facilities
  • Van loading operations
  • Market gardens and DIY garden centres to enable year-round shopping
  • Temporary manufacturing and storage facilities
  • Military applications
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Tank covers for processing operations
  • Medical field applications
  • Low-level nuclear waste processing plants
  • Dock tunnels and vehicle loading systems
  • Portside warehousing

It is limited only by your own imagination. These industrial storage tents together with loading bay structures are manufactured by our Italian factory, Kopron SpA, with whom we have a longstanding relationship and for whom we are the U.K. engineers, handling everything from concept to completion on site.

We also do portal frame steel buildings and temporary buildings for long term use.

Timings to Arrival on Site
Manufacturing Time and Pre=Planning 6 weeks
Design Time 2 to 3 weeks
Planning Applications Up to 8 weeks
Time on Site to Erect 7 to 10 days
Groundworks Only where no concrete apron exists
Fast Track Options Possible
Project Management Options Yes
Single Source for Mezzanines, Cranes, Conveyors, Storage Systems, Intra-Logistcs Systems and Materials Handling, Storage, Distribution Equipment, Workshop and Workbenches. Yes
Pre-Project Schematics Yes
Trades and Fit Out Options Yes

8 things we will do for you:-

  • Free advice on planning and construction
  • Preliminary drawings for sizing and suitability
  • Site survey to discuss possibilities
  • Internal layouts and equipment positioning
  • Pricing for feasibility
  • Design drawings and initial surveys
  • Pre-planning surveys
  • A full range of accessories to tackle most environment applications

For further help please provide us with your contact details and tell us a bit about your project or alternatively contact us on the number below and speak to one of our engineers.

T: 0333 005 0323


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