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Our industrial trolleys are manufactured from high grade materials to provide maximum reliability and toughness.

Thanks to their maneouvrability and capacity they make transporting & distributing loads across wide areas easier.

Here you will find trolleys dedicated for variety of environments such as warehouses, shops, offices, food service and more.


Platform Trolleys

Shelf Trolleys

Tray Trolleys

Tool Trolleys

Order Picking Trolleys

Folding Trolleys

Laundry Trolleys

Container Trolleys

Glass Fibre Trolleys

Security Trolleys

Roll Cage Trolleys

Plastic Platform Trolleys

Maintenance Trolleys

Chrome Wire Trolleys

Self Levelling Trolleys

Height Adjustable Trolleys

Board and DIY Trolleys

Distribution Trolleys

Stainless Steel Trolleys

Plastic Multi Purpose Trolleys

Mail Distribution & Box Trolleys

Shopping Trolleys & Baskets

Cash and Carry Trolleys



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